The Drip Marketing campaigns

What is and what can you do

The drip campaigns are a part of the Inboud Marketing that are being very successful in recent times. While Inboud Marketing seeks to capture leads through quality content and led nurturing is responsible for maintaining contact with users, drip campaigns are those that go a step beyond the process.


Is very important to have clear what do you want to get on this type of campaigns and what want you get whit.

We can say that this caind of campaigns are an automated emails that are sending to some especify data base. <Is basically email marketing> but not with the same strategy niche.

Imagine that we alredy have the best concept of the drip campaing, imagine that we also hace our nich complete and we decide to send does emails to our target, and we know that we are interested for out product.


We open our email and we will found an exclusivearticle for us.


Some of very helpful tips are:

We send the email to our target. (analyze the audience)

  1. If they dont open the article dont spam them.
  2. You can also offer an exclusive webinar, video, or ebook.
  3. Analyze de behavior of our users or readers. (Use analytics tools)
  4. Accompany the user in the process.
  5. Keep your emails short.
  6. Avoid sending followups on holidays.
  7. Design a drip campaigns is a lot of hour analysis and work behind , accordingly we need to make and effort to be more efficient to our camping have the successful that we need.